Guidelines & Policies at photo Daycare

This is a summary of our program is as found in our handbook and policies.

This posting is to assist parents in making an educated choice when seeking childcare services.

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Programme & Schedules

House Rules & Health

  » Days/Hours of Operation

  » Additional services

  » Fees and Payment Procedures

  » Alternate Care

  » Before/after hours care

  » Absences

  » Infants and Toddlers Schedule

  » Preschool Schedule

  » Meals

  » Cleanliness

  » Development

  » Naptime

  » Activities/Curriculum

  » House Rules

  » Keep in mind

  » Reporting Requirement

  » Indoor/Outdoor Play

  » Discipline

  » Sick & exclusion policy

  » Good Health Requirement

  » Daily health checks












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